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Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence in Portfolio Management.

Grow your portfolio with state-of-the-art AI machine-learning technology.

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We hold a license issued in the EU to offer financial services, including crypto trading, using powerful AI technology, in partnership with top-tier asset security platforms and grade-A financial institutions.


We diversify portfolios and update our AI algorithm's risk management protocols to minimize exposure. Core Ai uses automated hedging, stops and limits, and analyses technical data to identify risk patterns.


A limit of 5%-10% of the total balance per trade prevents liquidation, while a reserve fund provides client capital coverage, and offers partial compensation for losing positions.


Enjoy unrivalled returns with our artificial intelligence-based trading solution, Core Ai Trader. Trained on huge datasets, using natural language processing models, similar to GPT-4 and LLaMA.

SIT BACK, RELAX, EARN A PROFIT Grow your savings with a state-of-the-art Ai-based trading system.

Core Ai Trader crunches economy-wide, macro news plus company, currency, and commodity-specific, micro news, accessing global information from both traditional and alternative data sources.

Using deep neural networks, Core AI Trader can make progressively more accurate trading calls, learning from each new dataset and every trade it executes to better predict market activity.

Core Ai Trader evaluates price histories, market news and analysis from a vast array of sources, in every language, and uses a range of technical indicators to make highly informed decisions.

Complex AI-based algorithms enable Core Ai Trader to constantly refine its mathematical models to manage risk, anticipate market trends, and generate profits increasingly effectively.

New clients daily

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Supervised AI for Human-Centric Results.

We understand the value of preserving the management techniques and wisdom of veteran financial advisors. Our Algorithm encapsulates their strategies, ensuring that investors can benefit from their timeless wisdom for generations to come.