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AI trading integrates Artificial Intelligence capabilities into algorithmic trading systems.

AI trading bots have the capacity to crunch a vast amount of technical and fundamental market data in real time, relating to a wide variety of financial markets like stocks, commodities, bonds, indices, forex and crypto.

AI trading systems can perform a wide range of activities including historic price and volume analysis, risk assessment, signal creation, entry and exit suggestions, strategy testing and trade execution.

One rapidly developing area of AI is Machine Learning. It enables trading bots to identify, analyze and draw inferences from data patterns, so they can adapt to shifting market conditions and respond to trading opportunities without explicit programmed instructions.


Generative AI models, like GPT-4, can create content on their own. They can provide human-like responses to prompts, autonomously generating original content like an article, a joke, a song, a video, a picture, or a string of code.

Their ability to interact in a conversational, realistic manner and create new images has already made them a game-changer for chatbots, and medical scanning while other applications for the technology are rapidly emerging, from creating new product designs to optimizing business processes.

Generative AI language models process and analyze a massive amount of data from a wide array of sources, which they use to model their suggestions and responses. To do so, they rely on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning, a type of machine learning based on artificial neural networks, where a computer is fed data on which it is trained to learn by example and then make its own inferences.


Generative AI has created the opportunity for more accurate and efficient data analysis and decision-making. By training a model on financial news and market data it can generate predictions about asset prices and a variety of other financial metrics. It can also be used to analyze large amounts of unstructured data, such as social media posts, to identify sentiment and other trends that may have an impact on the markets.

Additionally, this type of machine learning capability can be integrated into trading algorithms and platforms to provide real-time analysis and data-driven conclusions. Overall, the ability of generative AI to process and understand large amounts of data can help traders and trading bots make more informed and profitable decisions.

Core AI Trader has broken fresh ground by utilizing this technology to create an automated trading system that can predict market trends with ever-increasing accuracy. We have incorporated generative AI with our own proprietary code, training the model on a vast range of market-related data sources. It is continually learning and refining its understanding of the factors impacting market conditions, so that the trading system can make smart decisions, based on real-time data, about when to buy and sell various types of financial assets.



Benefit from the speed, efficiency, and unparalleled accuracy of AI-based trading technology.

Exceptional Processing Speed

Trading bots can process huge volumes of daily market data, from a wide variety of trading-related sources almost instantly, at a speed no human could match.

Ability to Learn and Improve

Machine learning capabilities will enable a bot to learn from all the data it receives to gain an increasingly in-depth understanding of market trends and patterns.

Complex Analytical Capabilities

An AI-based trading system can instantly perform complex and time-consuming technical analysis identifying price trends across multiple markets simultaneously.

Emotion-free Decision Making

Completely data-driven, a trading bot will always make the optimal move based on pure statistics and not get emotional, making decisions based on greed or fear.

Expanding Market Accessibility

AI bots give you access to top-notch market expertise even if you don’t have a financial background, a large amount of capital to invest or hours of free time.