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Foundation and Market Research

March 2022

Define Objectives and AudienceObjectives: Clearly outline Core Research's vision, mission, and short-term goals. Identify and define the target audience to tailor features accordingly.

April 2022

Team Formation and TechnologyFormation: Assemble a cross-functional team including developers, data scientists, legal experts, and UX/UI designers.Technology Assessment: Evaluate existing technologies and frameworks for platform development.

June 2022

In-Depth Market Research, Risk Assessment, and Resource PlanningActivities:Analyse the current landscape of AI trading platforms.Identify gaps and opportunities in the market.Explore competitor offerings and gather user feedback for insights.Refine feature concepts based on market research.Risk Management:Identify potential risks in each phase of development.Develop strategies to mitigate risks and ensure project resilience.Resource Planning:Continuously monitor and assess resource needs.Adjust team size and skill sets based on evolving project requirements.

Pre-launch Preparation

July 2022

Legal Framework and ComplianceTasks: Engage legal experts to establish a solid legal framework. Ensure compliance with financial regulations in the European Union.

August 2022

Data Infrastructure Setup and Sustainability PlanningTasks: Set up a robust data collection system for market information. Implement secure storage solutions for sensitive financial information. Assess the environmental impact of the platform and adopt sustainable practices.

September 2022

Prototyping and User TestingPrototyping: Develop interactive prototypes based on refined wireframes.User Testing: Conduct initial user testing to gather feedback on the prototype.

October 2022

Technology Stack Finalization and Development KickoffTasks: Finalise the chosen technology stack for platform development. Kick off development with a focus on core functionalities.

November 2022

Iterative Development, Feedback Loop, and Ethical ConsiderationsActivities: Adopt an iterative development approach. Continuously gather user feedback and make incremental improvements: Implement ethical considerations in algorithm development and trading practices.

December 2022

Security Protocols, Beta Testing Preparation, and Regulatory ComplianceTasks: Implement initial security protocols. Prepare for beta testing by setting up a controlled environment. Stay informed about and comply with evolving regulatory requirements.

Platform Development and Launch

January 2023

Algorithm Development and Training Resources Activities: Collaborate with experienced data scientists to develop and refine trading algorithms. Test and optimise algorithms using historical data.Training and Support: Develop training resources and documentation for users, especially for new features.

February 2023

Full-scale Development and IntegrationTasks: Scale up development efforts for the full platform. Integrate developed algorithms into the platform.

March 2023

UI/UX Enhancement, Beta Testing, and Community EngagementTasks: Enhance UI/UX based on early user feedback. Launch beta testing for a selected user group. Community Engagement: Establish channels for ongoing communication with the user community. Implement feedback mechanisms to gather user opinions.

April 2023

Refinement, Security Enhancements, and User Education Activities: Refine features based on beta testing feedback. Enhance security measures based on testing outcomes. User Education: Develop educational materials to guide users.

May 2023

Pre-launch Marketing, Regulatory Compliance, and User PrivacyTasks: Initiate pre-launch marketing campaigns. Ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements. Communicate transparently with users about how their data is used and protected.

June 2023

Final Testing, Platform Launch, KPI Establishment, and Customer SupportTasks: Conduct thorough testing of the entire platform. Implement a phased platform launch, beginning with an initial user base. Establish key performance indicators to measure the success of your platform. Provide responsive customer support to address user queries and issues promptly.

Innovation and User Experience Enhancement

July 2023 - December 2023

Post-launch Assessment, Feedback Loop and Mobile App LaunchActivities: Evaluate platform performance and user engagement post-launch. Implement iterative improvements based on ongoing user feedback. Plan and execute the launch of dedicated iOS and Android mobile applications.

January 2024 - June 2024

Technology Advancements, Feature Iterations, and ScalabilityActivities: Explore new technologies for enhanced performance and security. Iterate on existing features based on user suggestions and evolving market trends. Ensure the platform's architecture and infrastructure can scale seamlessly.

July 2024 - December 2024

User Experience Overhaul, Sustainability, and Continuous Improvement Conduct a comprehensive user experience overhaul.Continuously assess and improve sustainability practices. Formulate a roadmap for continuous improvement based on user feedback and emerging market trends.

January 2025 - June 2025

Advanced Trading Features, Global Expansion, and Continuous Improvement Activities: Roll out advanced AI models for refined trade predictions. Explore opportunities for global expansion, adapting to regulatory requirements in new markets. Explore integration with emerging technologies to stay at the forefront of innovation.